BeachIN – Corona concept

In principle, the rules and regulations of the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health), the cantonal authorities (government council of the Canton of Bern) and the guidelines of Gastrosuisse, Swissolympic and Swissvolley apply in BeachIN. BeachIN GmbH accepts, respects and fully supports the measures and requirements. The most important rules relevant to BeachIN are summarized below:

Social distancing
Whenever possible, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained throughout the company.

The hygiene rules of the BAG must be observed. Hands must be disinfected and / or washed at least when entering and leaving the building. There are several disinfection stations throughout the building and we clean and desify the sanitary facilities and all objects and facilities (door latches, menu cards, balls, key cards, etc.) that are touched by different people when visiting BeachIN several times a day.

Contact tracing
Indication of surname, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail) is mandatory for every visit. In the case of groups of guests (2 or more people), the details of a responsible person are sufficient. We use the free contact tracing app from Mindful, which has been verified by the BAG. For everyone, but especially for regular visitors, we recommend installing the app and registering once. With each visit, you can then register and de-register quickly, easily and in compliance with data protection regulations. All persons who have registered online (seat reservations, tournaments, open play, events, etc.) are considered registered. In the case of group registrations, the person registered is considered to be responsible for the group. In the case of events (birthday parties, company events, etc.), the responsible person must submit a list of all people present before, during or immediately after the event. Registration slips are also available in the beach bar. Upon request and to check the authenticity, the BeachIN staff must be shown a valid ID. All data (app and notes) will be destroyed after 2 weeks.

Anyone who has symptoms such as cough, fever, muscle pain, disorders of the sense of smell or taste, but also diarrhea and nausea, should stay at home, contact their doctor and get tested.

The ordinance of the government council of Kt Bern as well as the Covid-19 protection concept for the hospitality industry defined by Gastro Suisse apply in BeachIN to the hotel area, the beach bar and the beach lounge. In addition to the rules already mentioned above, the following basic rules must also be observed:

From October 12, 2020, a mask must be worn in publicly accessible indoor areas. Children under the age of 12 and people who cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons in particular are exempt from this. In restaurants, guests are allowed to take off their masks when they are seated at a table. In addition, seating in bars, clubs and restaurants will also apply from October 12, 2020. The people in a guest group do not have to reserve in advance and can arrive at different times. Groups of guests are not allowed to mix. Consumption can be done while sitting at the bar. The tables between the guest groups are at least 1.5 meters apart.

Beach sports
For beach sports, the protection concepts drawn up by the sports associations and approved by the BASPO and the BAG as well as the ordinances of the government council of the canton of Bern apply. The following rules must therefore be observed in the BeachIN:

The mask requirement does not apply during sports activities in the hall! Before and after training, hands must be washed according to BAG guidelines. The maximum number of people per beach field is not limited. The distance of 1.5 meters does not have to be kept during sports activities. A maximum of 4 people are allowed in a cloakroom and the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be observed. It is generally recommended that you change clothes and take a shower at home. Material and balls are disinfected daily.

Hotel operations
All rooms, key cards and furnishings are cleaned and disinfected daily. Breakfast is served at the table per tour group (no breakfast buffet).

The number of guests at events is limited to a maximum of 100 people. The contact details of the guests must be recorded for each event. All current rules must be observed at every event.

Meeting room and seminar room
The same rules apply to the seminar room as to the catering business (registration requirement, mask requirement, distance rule, washing and disinfecting hands, etc.).

We ask everyone to comply with the rules mentioned. Stay healthy!

Last update: October 22th, 2020, 8:00 a.m.