Beach sports

Alongside beach volleyball – probably the most famous of all the various beach sports – BeachIN has many other beach sports for you to indulge in. Beach sports are easy on the joints and a lot of fun to boot. Even rough landings don’t hurt – thanks to the soft and fine sand. In BeachIN, you can play everything that’s possible with sport in the sand in an appealing atmosphere. In the BeachIN lounge, you can have a break anytime you like and treat yourself to a refreshing drink. BeachIN offers summer temperatures the whole year through and the sand heating make sure that your feet never get cold. State-of-the-art glare-free lighting ensures that you reach every ball. It goes without saying that a modern infrastructure awaits you after the beach sport, so that – freshly showered – you can then have a bite to eat with friends in the BeachIN bistro while watching the games in the hall. Courses and tournaments are regularly held in BeachIN, where you can learn tricks and ruses and match yourself with others.

A selection of beach sports for you to play in BeachIN:

  • beach volley
  • beach tennis
  • beach handball
  • beachminton
  • beach frisbee
  • beach golf
  • etc.

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