BeachIN – Infrastructure

The area of the sand sports hall adds up to 23 x 27m. The basis of the infrastructure consists of two fields (8 x 16m) with net posts and nets that are adjustable for height. You can book those nets easily and anytime for different beach sports (beach volleyball, beach tennis, foot volleyball, beach minton) on our reservation application.

As a matter of course, we are available by telephone in order to provide information to you and answer your questions (from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM). Telephone number: 0041 32 312 00 66

Further beach sports (beach soccer, beach handball, crossminton/speedminton, beach fun games etc.) that require 3 instead of 2 fields can be booked anytime as well but they demand a brief conversion phase. Therefore, those “special reservations” need to be requested with a lead time of at least 72 hours. You can use our online form for “special reservations” or call us: 0041 32 312 00 66