Tournaments at BeachIN

BeachIN regularly hosts beach sports tournaments. Mainly beach volleyball tournaments, but also tournaments for other beach sports like beach tennis, beach soccer, beachminton or beach handball or several disciplines. The BeachIN has a modern infrastructure (loudspeaker system with radio microphone, LED screen with live ticker etc.).
During tournaments our Beach-Bar and Beach-Lounge is of course open, so that you can relax and have a snack between or after the games. For all “out-of-towners” the BeachIN also offers overnight accommodation on request.

We are also happy to organise tournaments with or without further activities in the sand for clubs, companies or other groups, or you/your would like to organise a tournament yourself, this is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or information!

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Below are all current tournaments:


Duration: Max from 09.00 to 21.00 (depending on the number of teams)
Min. number of participants: 8 teams
Max. Number of participants: 16 teams
Info: The tournament will take place in the hall. A beach license is not necessary. Memorial prize for all. Additional prizes for rank 1 – 3. Registrations are possible until 19.03.2020, 24:00. Information about the tournament will be sent out on the 21.03.2020 evening by mail and/or Whatsapp.
Tournament fees: CHF 25 per person (payment in cash on site).
Mode: Qualification in the morning: groups of 4 players each against each 1 set / ranking with coefficients (gained points: lost points).
Gold and Silver League in the afternoon: Per league (new tournament) Everybody vs. Everybody 1 set / Ranking with coefficients (gained points: lost points).
Semifinal and final matches per league in the evening: Cross match (1 set) and match for rank 1 & 2 and rank 3 & 4 (2 winning sets).
Afterwards announcement of rank and cosy get-together.

Dates of the official Swiss Volley Tournaments:

Saturday 25.04.2020 – Women B3
Sunday 26.04.2020 – Men B3 and women B2

Saturday 02.05.2020 – Men B1
Sunday 03.05.2020 – Women B1

Sunday 17.05.2020 – Men U19

Sunday 24.05.2020 – Men B2

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Tournament application:

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