General Terms and Conditions and house rules

1. field of application of the General Terms and Conditions
The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the utilization of all areas and the infrastructure of BeachIN.

2. common provisions of use
All persons who enter the parcel 6202 on Rämismatte 7 in CH-3232 Ins as or by lessee, teammates, guests and visitors or by reservation and booking of parts of BeachIN or the whole BeachIN are obligated to comply with the GTC`s of BeachIN in every way, knowing the requirements.

3. opening hours
The construction or parts of it can be basically be rented all day long, as long as they are not booked yet. The condition is a valid BeachIN membership. Without a BeachIN membership of at least one person you can only rent the infrastructure of BeachIN, if an employee of BeachIN is on site. The company management of BeachIN GmbH reserves to close parts of BeachIN or the whole BeachIN for certain purposes and times.

4. renting of the infrastructure
4.1 Every booking represents the execution of a tenancy agreement which is based on the General Terms and Conditions. The landlord reserves the right to change assigned bookings, respectively to make use of assigned bookings for special purposes and events, on condition that the renter is informed of the claim at least 72 hours before.

4.2 A booking can only be placed on, on the BeachIN app, personally on the ground or by phone by calling 032 312 00 60 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm. By booking you are obligated to pay the appointed lease rental charges bindingly. If the renter does not exploit the rent of the booked time, all claims for reimbursement will lapse, except when the booking is cancelled 72 hours before its start. If rejected later, an encumbrance in the full amount will be made.

4.3 tenancy
The tenancy depends on the area and the length of the different time slots. The tenancy of a beach sports field takes at least 90 minutes. The clock inside the beach hall is authoritative for the players. The fields need to be raked five minutes before the end of the game. The contractual terms in the tenancy agreement are valid for special bookings (e.g. the whole infrastructure for a private function).

4.4 prices
The published prices are valid in each case. The employment of the rented infrastructure and the electric lighting as well as the employment of the wardrobes, the toilets and the showers are included in in the purchase price.

4.5 booking of events
The conditions for the booking of an event of any type are being regulated individually in a special tenancy agreement.

4.6 locking system
With the MyBeachIN membership you can open the doors before, after and during the booked tenancy. In case of abuse or vandalism the your access will be denied immediately. Every renter is responsible for the access to the hall themselves. Missed hours (e.g. because of a forgotten key) will not be repaid and are not be caught up.

5. usage regulations

5.1 whole infrastructure and all facilities
The whole infrastructure and all facilities have to be treated functional and gentle. The equipment and the facilities can only be used as what they are designated for. The renter, respectively every single user, is fully liable for possible damage, impurities or damage on buildings, fitments and technical devices that was caused by them, as long as it is no wearout nor a material defect. Damage and contamination must be reported immediately.

5.2 animals
It is prohibited to bring animals into the building.

5.3 smoking
It is prohibited to smoke in all premises.

5.4 posters
It is prohibited to stick posters etc. without an explicit approval of the management.

5.5 children
Children need to be supervised by their parents in the whole area.

5.6 liability
Please notice that you enter the building and use the whole infrastructure at your own risk. The parents or legal guardians are liable for their children. We assume no liability for lost objects. Valuables can be locked in the lockers in the wardrobe.

5.8 instructions
Every single visitor and user of BeachIN is obligated to follow the instructions of the employees of BeachIN.

6. domiciliary right and exclusion of liability
BeachIN GmbH (“the renter”) respectively their organs and employees possess the rights of the landlord. Any liability of the landlords as well as of the employees, the temporary personnel, the visitors, the teammates, helpers and sponsors towards renters, teammates and visitors of BeachIN is excluded in any case no matter what or where the incident happens. We particularly assume no liability in case of injuries, theft or loss of clothes, equipment, articles of value whatever kind and misappropriation or damage of vehicles.

7. photos videos
By entering the building of BeachIN GmbH every person declares his consent to be papped and filmed any time. Also every person agrees to be published on photos or videos of themselves on the website of BeachIN or as other advertising material on social media. Mit Betreten des Grundstücks der BeachIN GmbH erklärt sich jede Person damit einverstanden, jederzeit fotografiert oder gefilmt werden zu können. Ebenso ist Jede Person damit einverstanden, Fotos und Videos seiner Person auf der Website des BeachINs oder sonstigem Werbematerial und Social Media Portalen veröffentlicht zu sehen.

8. privacy
The users and visitors of BeachIN allow BeachIN to make use of their BeachIN booking and other log in datas for advertising purposes and allow BeachIN to transfer the datas to possible partners of BeachIN GmbH.

9. contravention
For each case of contravention BeachIN GmbH is allowed to suspend the person concerned from the future use of the construction without exemption from the obligation to pay of the valid rental price. If the reserved number of persons are less than the appearing persons on the field BeachIN GmbH is allowed to impose any fine. Additionally BeachIN GmbH reserves the right to withdraw authorized access to the construction. The renter has no right to a refund of the the payed fee of the barred use. The retirement and the assertion of compensation and any other claim stays reserved.

10. place of jurisdiction and applicable law
The Swiss Federal Law is applicable for all disputes. The place of jurisdiction is Aarberg, CH.

11. safeguard clause
Should individual terms of this Agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in this Agreement, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected. In this event, the parties undertake to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that most closely approximates the economic intent of the invalid provision.