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We raffle 30 VIP invitations (15 x 2) for the opening event as well as BeachIN vouchers worth CHF 5'000.–. Registration takes 2 minutes, it's worth it.

As a BeachIN member, you have absolutely no obligations, you can only take benefit. You get your personal BeachIN member ID so you can easily book the whole infrastructure online or by phone. The payment and getting access to the building works by app as well. At the end of the year you even get a revenue-related refund.

Convinced? Well then let's go on.
Of course you can get a BeachIN membership at any time late and for the moment only participate in the competition. The fee for a personal membership costs CHF 25.– (administration fee). The first 500 we give away for free...

Number of free IDs already allocated: 436

Thank you, we are pleased that you decided for a BeachIN Membership. At the moment it is possible to choose one from 5 possibilities:

The BeachIN app is still under construction. Of course, we will let you know as soon as the app can be downloaded. If you choose a card or a keychaine, you will receive it in time by mail. We reserve the right to implement only cards or keyholders, depending on the interest.
Cool, you are interested in a BeachIN membership! we are happy about it, thank you. The fee for a personal membership with a card or a key-holder is CHF 25.– (administration fee, only App-Memberships are free of charge). The first 500 we give away for free...

Number of free members already allocated: 436
Please fill in, send it and you already participated in the competition. If you win, we will send you the voucher by post. Good luck.